100 By Warlock arrived in Canada Yet?

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Postby Guest » 03/20/06 07:19 PM


I understand that shipping to other countries has been iffy at time, but for the benefit of the canadians, have you heard of any issues in shipping this book to Canada, specifically the Toronto area? *wink wink*

I've not gotten mine yet, and know of one other person who has not seen theirs either.


Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/20/06 09:50 PM

They were all mailed quite a while ago.
The mail in Canada sucks--plain and simple. I purchased something via eBay and the seller sent it, but it never arrived.
If it doesn't show up in a few weeks, contact the Genii office for a replacement.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 03/21/06 05:59 AM

I'll wait then. Thanks. (and I agree about the mail, though it's not so bad for Canada to Canada, anything else blows)


Postby Guest » 03/23/06 03:10 PM

David, I received my book over three weeks ago (sent to Markham,Ontario) ... I agree with Richard's assessment - it often takes 4-5 weeks to get stuff processed and delivered from the U.S. via Canada Customs and Canada Post.

Postby Guest » 03/23/06 07:32 PM

Nancy White's 1978 album Civil Service Songwriter had a song called Post Office Medley; she sang about the fact that the Canadian Post Office had announced that they were losing only 500 letters a day in Toronto:
That's...500 folks who didn't get paid,
500 folks who are feeling betrayed,
'Cause they didn't get your note,
Or the card that you wrote,
Or the tape that you made...
The only copy in the world.
Only 500 letters a day...in Toronto
That's from memory. Speaking as a resident of Toronto, I am fond of Federal Express, and electronic funds transfer.

Postby David Scollnik » 03/24/06 09:35 AM

I'm in Calgary, and I received my copy a long time ago. Probably within a week or so of it shipping.
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