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Unless noted these are in mint or new condition.

PLEASE include your city and zip code with inquiry so I can get the actual mailing cost.

If you have any questions about any item check with dealer web sites or contact me.

CATN HAT, T. A. Hamilton. Green and white striped Catn Hat. Hamiltons are the best made. Never worn or used. $6

CIGARETTE THROUGH PLAYING CARD (OR PEN OR PENCIL), An absolutely beautiful, completely indetectable gimmick in blue Bicycle card. Cigarette or pencil or straw through a playing card. Can be examined. Instructions and routine. $7

DROP OUT. No instructions. Never even opened. If you need an extra one, here it is for only $1

EGG BAG. There are two classic egg bags. Cotton. One is an autumn leaf design, one has little flowers. These are unused, from the sixties. $8 each, both for $14

FISHBOWL PRODUCTION, Rich Marotta. Produce a fishbowl (with fish, seaweed and water that splashes from bowl) from a small purse. $150 ... at=&page=1

FOO CAN, Morrissey Magic. 7 1/2 high. Heavy copper. Absolutely beautiful. Mint - never used. $45

GEORGES SEALED SURPRISE, George Schindler. A selected card vanishes from a borrowed pack and appears REVERSED in a SEALED pack. $5

GOZINTA BOXES. Very nice boxes in plastic; one is white, one is blue. Exterior measurements: 2 and 1/8 inches by 1 and 7/8 inches by 2 and 1/16 inches. never used. $2 ... at=&page=1

GREAT EIGHT, Scott Guinn. Scotts version of the eight card trick. Eight cards (two sets of four duplicates) become ten cards and then turn into altogether different cards in a surprising finale. $7

HUMMINGBIRD REEL, John Kennedy. Worlds smallest electronic reel. Never used (or even taken out of the box). $42 ... product=10

JUMBO COINS. All are 3 inches. One Roosevelt Dime. Three Indian Head Nickels. Nice weight to them. $3 each. All four for $10

KILLER RED CAPS, Roger Monaco. Great mentalism. $14 ... tem=004125

KING MONTE/GIANT MONTE, Dave Powell, Phil Goldstein.
Here is a truly jumbo version of the three card monte. This is the one many of you may have seen on various TV specials done by Goldfinger and Dove. Three giant Bicycle back cards (9 1/2" x 14"). Each card is gimmicked with a cleverly hidden slide mechanism that allows you to change a King of Clubs to a Queen of Hearts simply by the way you turn the card. The fact that each of the cards can change any time you wish allows for greater variations and routines. Well made plastic cards. They pack flat and show up on the largest of stages. Brand new. $75 ... tem=005272

KOORNWINDER KAR & KOORNWINDER CARD CONTROL, Dick Koornwinder. Genuine Koornwinder Kar and instruction booklet. Numbered. Brand new, never used. This is the original version, not the lego version. I can send a jpg photo. Includes KAR and gimmicked cards for HIS CARD CONTROL. $115

MALINI EGG BAG, Max Malini, Danny Tong. Put out by Magic Inc. Includes instructions for blowing an egg. $18 ... tem=003599

SOLD - MENTAL KEY, Ray Carlyle. Ray found the best key ever for this effect (it rolls in your hand or their hand). He had it treated so it looks old. He includes the real work on this PK effect. $12

MIRACLE OF THE EIGHTIES (8Ts THAT IS), A. Berkeley Davis. A deck that is punched in a set up way (some are punched, some arent) to perform truly strong effects. Deck, instructions, routine(s). $15

MONEY MAKER, S.S. Adams. Roll in a piece of paper, out rolls a bill. $3

Three 60 minute audio tapes plus illustrated booklet unlocking the real secrets to making serious money in mentalism. Priceless tips, methods, techniques, etc. Brand new, never used. $40

MUGGED, Rich Marotta. This is straight out of Richs act. A hilarious routine. Still sealed. $45 ... at=&page=1

PAPER TO BILLS, Magic Showcase. Instantaneously, slips of paper change to the same number of real bills. Includes instructions and routine - set up with stage bills for easy learning. $3

PEERLESS BILL TUBE, Viking-Haenchen. Locking bill tube, brass, top of the line. In sealed package. $40

PICK STICK, Magic Makers. Brass paddle trick with three holes. A peg jumps from one hole to the other. $15

PRECOGNITION DECK, Chris Kenworthy. Spectator names any card in the deck. It is the only one missing. Everything included. Easy to do - blow their mind. $17

QUICK CUT!, Chazpro. A quick and easy cut-n-restored rope trick. $1

SIDEWALK SHUFFLE (JUMBO), Martin Lewis. $10 ... at=&page=1

SPEED LIMIT, Steve Dacri. Show six cards - five show cars, one shows 55 MPH. The car cards are mixed up, some face up, some face down. Talk safety, speed limit, safe driving, etc. The cards instantly change into a reason to obey the speed limit - RADAR. A funny driving tips routine. There are three sets. $4 each, all 3 for $10

STAND UP MONTE, Garrett Thomas. Excellent 3 card monte routine that doesnt need a table. Cards with gimmick. $9 ... at=&page=1

STRAIGHT JACKET ESCAPE, Tannen. Heavy duck material, leather straps, brass buckles. Top quality gimmicked straight jacket. Tannen sells this for $300. Must sell - This one $175 and then scroll down the page

TELEKINESIS FOR DINNER, Anton Corradin. Psychokinesis at the table (Dinner or otherwise)Invert wineglass over borrowed ring. Suddenly the ring flings toward the spectator, sometimes even breaking the glass. $15 ... at=&page=1

THE KEY. Brass skeleton key. Twist the bit 90 degrees from original position. Visibly slide the bit down the shaft and immediately hand it out for inspection. Really terrific PK. Mint. Instructions by Tim Hart. $35

THREAD BOSS, The Sorcery Shop. Clip on ITR by the originator. Brand new, never used. $30

TREASURE VALLEY TWIST, Scott Guinn. 4 cards turn face up one at a time, then suddenly the backs are all different. Another Scott Guinn exclusive. $5

TWO CARD MONTE (WITH A TWIST). Put out by The Magicians Hat in Ohio. Do the standard two card monte routine but you end by turning over both cards - they are regular cards. Very cool way to blow off those who try to tip the trick. Bicycle cards and gimmick. Very easy. Instructions and gaffs. 4 sets. $2 each

WHICH-IS-WHICH. The standard two card monte. In Bicycle cards. Gaffs and instructions. 7 sets. $1 each
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