F/S Doc Eason's Bar Magic vol. 1 - 3 (VHS)

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Doc Eason's Bar Magic: Volumes 1 - 3 (VHS)

$35 for all three videos!! (Includes standard shipping and delivery confirmation.)

Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in-depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time. Peppered with lines, bar bits and jokes, this Documentary features guarded, highly commercial secrets which bring celebrities and locals back again and again. Twenty years of non-stop performing at the Tower have turned Doc Eason into a pro at the top of his form. Youll watch these tapes over and over for the sheer joy of seeing how much fun magic can be.


Volume One
His peeked card to under the glassmaximum impact method.
Repeated selection of a carda classic bar trick.
Docs entire Ambitious Card routinewith great unusual twists & lines.
His amazing version of Triumphwith Docs commercial story line.
His acclaimed 3-Card Monte routinea mini-playlet in itself!
Multiple selection of 20 cardsstaggering for the lay audience.


Volume Two
Happy Birthday Trickperfect for every special occasion you might encounter.
Docs Poker Demo 15 minutes of pure entertainment (including Scotty Yorks Fabulous Ace Routine, Allan Haydens Expose
and John Mendozas Routined Poker Mental)
Kerry Pollacks Stan, Kate and Ediththe perfect bar trick with jumbo cards.
Frank Everharts Classic Sam the Bellhopwith Docs twists to the mother of all story tricks.
For those dyed-in-the-wool fans: Docs closely guarded handling tips for Steve Spills presentation of the
Bill in the Lemon, a cornerstone of Docs act for more than 15 years . . . now finally released!


Volume Three
All Screwed Upa hilarious opening trick using hardware!
Impossible Openera cornerstone of Docs act for over 15 years.
The Color-Changing Deckthe stunning version that gets em watching!
The Anniversary Waltzthe most commercial card trick ever devised.
Max Mavens Tearablevisually stunning and designed to work.
The Cocktail Napkin Roseworth the price of the video!
Copper/Silver/Brass Transpositionwidely acclaimed as the definitive version.
The crowning pieceJ.C. Wagners Card on the Ceiling, Docs closer for 20 years.
Larry Wests Bill Counting Trick a long-standing undergound classic.

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Evan Shuster
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