Jerry's Nugget Cards for auction

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Postby Nathan Kranzo » 07/27/05 09:55 AM

I put a couple of sealed mint condition Jerry's Nugget decks up for auction on ebay for anyone who is interested.

Item number: 6196114178
Item number: 6196109913

All the best,

Nathan Kranzo
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Postby Nathan Kranzo » 08/04/05 08:36 PM

And a couple more.......

Item number: 6197916355

Item number: 6197917836

Item number: 6197919719
Nathan Kranzo
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Postby Nathan Kranzo » 08/16/05 12:41 PM

I just put up the last 5 decks on ebay!

Item number: 6201246507
Nathan Kranzo
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Postby Gord » 08/16/05 01:03 PM

If you'll excuse my ignorace but ...
I've seen these on sale before and I would just like to know why are they so expensive? Is there something special and unique to these cards that makes them worth the high price?
Just thought I'd ask.

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Postby Jim Morton » 08/16/05 04:29 PM

Some people swear by these cards. Some people (My self included) think they are over-rated. The fact that they don't make them any more makes them more attractive to many people. I remember back in the early seventies, people in New York City used to get all gaga over Coors beer because they couldn't get it there. Same sort of mentality.

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Postby Guest » 08/17/05 07:58 PM

I bought a couple of cases of Jerry's Nuggets back in the early 90's. They were so much cheaper than bike's that I used them for the Kennedy Card Stab (I work tradeshows so used a couple decks a day.) A few months ago I sold two unopened decks (the last I could find) for more than triple what it used to cost me per case. These were the "hot" cards for a while and Vernon used them on "Revelations" tapes. They were already very brittle back then, they must be boards by now.

Postby Dustin Stinett » 08/17/05 08:54 PM

Just for giggles & grins, I opened one of my last few decks (purchased in 1981 or 82) just to see how bad they might be. They felt exceptional, considering these cards are more than 30 years old. They are made from a great stock that the USPCCo has not used for a very long time. As for the current prices these cards are fetching, well, to each his own. Isnt capitalism great? All that having been said; I need to remind everyone that there is to be no commentary on Marketplace ads. Questions may be asked and answered, but if you are not the seller answering, refrain from adding opinion to them.

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