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Postby Guest » 09/09/07 10:44 PM

Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy By Lewis Ganson
The Card Magic Of LePaul By Paul LePaul
Small But Deadly 'The Packet Trickster's Handbook' By Paul Hallas
Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic By Gordon Miller
Forcing A Card In The Classical Manner By Paul Gertner

The Ambitous Card (Limited Edition Booklet) By David Ben

I am only selling this as a complete set.
Complete for $60 plus postage
(you choose how you would like it sent: General Delivery, UPS, etc.)

Payment by Paypal Only

email at

Bill Abbott
416 698 7363

Postby Guest » 09/10/07 07:15 AM


Postby Guest » 09/10/07 10:01 AM

Bill, I don't think Shane is interested in the David Ben booklet, so I doubt that he would mind if you just give that to me...

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