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Postby Tim Trono » 07/08/02 10:03 AM

I just got back from the IBM convention and had a blast seeing old friends and making new ones. While I was there I talked with several big names who will be attending the Las Vegas Magic Invitational convention in September (see but are not on the schedule. This will be a VERY VERY exciting event. I heard Chris Korn is going to be lecturing which will be worth the whole event in itself. Also, Garrett Thomas just told me he'll be there - if you haven't seen Garrett work go for that alone. His magic looks like trick photography (he has a video coming out through Danny Archer in about 3 weeks - BUY IT... you won't be disappointed- if you saw him at IBM youll already have an order in for the tape as I did). I think the LVMI will be one of the best small conventions going. From talking with Danny and Robert, I know registrations are filling up VERY quickly as the buzz is going around so I'd recommend not waiting. I got my registration in a few weeks ago. They are trying to limit the number of registrants so it is a small tight convention. So if you are procrastinating you may lose out. This, by the way, is an unsolicited post- I don't have anything to do with the convention.

Tim Trono
Tim Trono
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Postby Tim Trono » 07/08/02 02:29 PM

It is actually (i.e. .net NOT .com as I had indicated earlier). Sorry about that.

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Postby Guest » 07/09/02 10:55 PM

I was at the LVMI last year and I have to say that it was one of the best conventions that I have ever attended.
There was a time when I could get back east to the FFFF, the LVMI has the same feel that the earlier 4F's had.
The sharing of ideas and the quality of attendees make it a bargain at any price.
Frank Zak

Postby Guest » 07/12/02 09:01 PM

Last year was a tough year for all of us. Danny Archer and Robert Allen were no exception. They launched their first convention, the Las Vegas Magic Invitational the weekend after 9/11. Even with the tradgedy, over 50 close up maniacs managed to get to Vegas including all of the talent.

We had an absolute blast. This year will be even better. If you're a close up nut, the line up is loaded with underground excellence that you just never see at any conventions.

Most notable from the underground are the two hottest young guys (I really hate to say this because it makes me feel old) on the planet. Eric Mead from the Tower Bar in Aspen, Co. and Chris Korn. These guys are killers. It's Korn's first convention appearance...maybe his last. He just hates to show off the material that makes him the big bucks.

I spoke with Danny Archer today and attendance is limited to 100. It's filling up fast so don't wait until it's too late.

Bob Fitch and I are going to do a midnight appearance the first night. I can't tell you what we're going to do because it's a secret.

Here's another hot tip...Fitch is going to have a special four day workshop starting the day after the convention, so you can kill two birds with one trip.

There's a lot more to the convention, check out their site.

Bob Kohler

Postby Guest » 07/12/02 09:12 PM

Yikes Bob, midnight the first day eh? Us guys flyin in from the East Coast will be feeling like its 3:00 AM in the morning!

I'll have to remember to sleep on the plane! Anything from you guys will be good I'm sure.

I don't really go to conventions much myself, but this one looked to darn good to pass up. I had to sign up.

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