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For a long time now I have been working on getting a group together called Project M.P.R. (Magic for Patients and Reserch. Basically, a group of a few performers, go around and perform at different orgainizations or schools for cash donations. 80% of the donation goes towards a foundation of choice, for helping the patients and the research of the foundation. Say for instance the Cancer Foundation. If our show raises 100 dollars, 80 dollars will go towards helping cancer patients and the research of cures. Although we have not yet started performing, it will happen soon. I have a couple of illusions, two of which I have created, called the Elevator and Shing. I also am hoping to include the sword cabinet, and lumberjacks dream. Along with those will be various platform illusions such as stratosphere and maybe a linking rings routine. My question, and problem that I would like your imput on is what other tricks would you recomend. I would greatly appreciate your help, and also, could you please incude what the trick does?

Nicholas J. Carlson

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