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Postby Richard Hatch » 09/26/04 02:41 PM

We were able to track down a copy of this much discussed issue and have posted it on eBay. A recent posting by Cameron Roat elsewhere on the GENII forum indicates that Bill Goodwin and Gordon Bean did NOT produce this issue and that there were likely less than 100 copies circulated privately. A full description of the issue is given in our eBay listing, including the following quotes from reviews by "Francis Junkler": "We can barely recall any magic that [Billy] McComb did, other than a vanishing birdcage, which this duffer had to cover with a silk and limp through in slow motion... Our advice, next time you're in Vegas go see Steve Wyrick..." On Jay Marshall: "It's been said that there's no place to be bad anymore, but if there is, this guy could be the house act."
Here's a link to it and our other current eBay offerings:
H & R eBay Auctions
Good luck!
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