WTB Packet Trick Cases/Holders

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Postby Guest » 10/22/07 10:47 PM

Can someone point me in the right direction? I am looking to purchase those little vinyl packet trick holders in bulk. Any idea where I should look?


Postby Guest » 10/23/07 06:40 AM

these people have some.

card holders

Postby Guest » 10/23/07 09:14 AM

Depending how big a purchase "in bulk" implies, you might also be interested in http://www.cards4magic.co.uk/acatalog/C ... _Etc_.html

Total Merchandise charge 32p each when buying 500, or 26p each when buying 1000. Those prices exclude VAT, so they're actually 37.6p and 30.55p.

Card4Magic charge 33.3p each when buying in multiples of 6. And you get the option of having one of the pockets opaque, if you so wish.

On the other hand, Total Merchandise include personalisation in the price.


Postby Guest » 10/26/07 11:50 PM

Thank you for your help!

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