Strong Audience Tested Card Routines!!

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Postby Guest » 11/14/02 09:59 AM

I've decided to put out a set of notes on some of the routines that I've worked out over the years that I worked in restaurants and performed walk around. It's called " 6.4.6 ". It's six strong routines for only $6.00!!! I've given 3 of my strongest routines, and the other three come from one of magic's hidden secrets, T.S. McKee (one of the minds behind Viking's "Exploding Card Rise").

Here's a sample of what you get:

Leaping Las Vegas: My take on Paul Harris' Las Vegas Leaper with a strange twist at the end. The final, chosen card ends up in the spectator's pile and the magician never went near it!! Very strong routine!

Colorsigned : A blue deck shuffled and three cards selected. One of the blue cards is signed. The magician then selects a red card from a red deck. The red card is added to the blue cards, and one at a time the blue cards turn red. Then, in an instant, 3 of the cards are blue again, but the magician's chosen card is now one of them. The lone red card is the spectator's signed card.
Huge audience impact! This is the one that was requested over and over when I worked at Nashville's famous Melting Pot Restaurant.

MENTAL DO AS I DO : Mentalist has 13 cards, as does the spectator, each having ace through king of one suit (ie, mentalist has all spaded, participant has all hearts)
They shuffle their individual packets. The mentalist lays a card face down on the table, then the spectator lays one on top of that, also face down. This is done until all cards are on the table in a pile. When they are turned over, all 13 pairs match exactly!

You get these and 3 other strong, commercial, audience-proven effects.

E-mail me for more info.

Rick Green

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