Doug Henning "toy" magic props?

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Postby Guest » 11/07/02 10:35 AM

An item was auctioned on ebay a year or two ago, and I wonder if anyone on this forum might be willing/able to tell me more about it.

The item was a plastic magic prop - I imagine along the lines of Tenyo - marketed to the world at large under Doug Henning's name; Jim Steinmeyer wrote the instructions. The seller described the piece as one of a line of seven different illusions.

This was before I realized I could print the screen for future reference, so all I have is my memory of the description. Can any of you good folks provide me with any more info about these toys? I would certainly be interested in acquiring them, but for now I'm merely seeking information. E.g., what were they called? When were they first marketed? Et cetera.


Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/07/02 11:26 AM

Jerry, these items were produced by Tenyo. There were supposed to be three Doug Henning Magic Sets, each one consisting of four Tenyo tricks. The enterprise was a failure and the tricks were dumped into magic shops by Fun Inc. Some of the tricks are still floating around with instructions. Despite the fact that the instructions give credit to Henning and Steinmeyer, 11 of the 12 ttems are ordinary Tenyo with no differences of any kind.
The one item that is different is unique in artwork only, that is Tenyo's "Floating Lady." This had a cartoon figure of Doug Henning on it instead of the regular magician. Very rare now.
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