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Postby Steve Mills » 07/22/02 03:38 PM

My softbound set of The Entertaining Magic Of Cy Endfield has gradually disintegrated to individual pages. The production certainly didn't match the material.

It seems that I recall seeing the 3 vols in a single hard bound, but can't seem to locate it.

Before I continue the search, can anyone verify whether or not I recall correctly?

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Steve Mills
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Postby Frank Yuen » 07/22/02 04:31 PM

You recall correctly Steve, I have mine in storage so cannot give you any details other than there was a hardbound collection of the three books.

Frank Yuen
Frank Yuen
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Postby Guest » 07/22/02 04:33 PM

The hardbound copy I have does contain Part I, II,
and III. It is published by Supreme and the intro by Lewis Ganson is dated 1955.
No, mine is not for sale but good luck locating a copy as it is a great book.
Take care all.

Postby TomTrix » 07/22/02 07:54 PM

Hello Steve !

In search for the book you want, It will be a good idea to contact Magic books by post first,they bought all the books when Supreme closed. Good Luck !


Tom Trix
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Postby Eric Rose » 07/23/02 03:30 AM

I picked up a hardbound 3-in-1 copy at Ash's Magic in Chicago not too long ago. I seem to remember that Mr. Ash had two copies at the time....
Eric Rose
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