FS:Carl Cloutier's Rainbow Deck(International Deck Of Mystery )

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Postby Guest » 06/26/07 04:24 PM

I got to see Carl Cloutier lecture a few months ago and he gave me a few of his products.Since I havent used them I thought I should sell them.

Carl Cloutier's Card In Sock $25

Dream Tear $15

International Deck Of Mystery (Rainbow Deck) $13

Max Rodriguez
5265 Chmapagne Circle
Orlando,Fl 32808

Postby Guest » 06/27/07 09:56 AM


Card In Sock

Postby Guest » 06/28/07 09:25 PM

Dream Tear

F.I.S.M World Champion Carl Cloutier has done it again!Imagine tearing a page from a magazine, book, or other publication, into four pieces, visually restoring it, and then handing out the page for examination! The paper never leaves their sight, yet still it is restored. They can even take it with them as a souvenir!

Postby Guest » 06/28/07 09:31 PM

International Deck of Mystery

This is a "rainbow deck".A rainbow Deck is a deck of 52 cards with 52 different card back designs.This particular deck has very wild crazy very different backs.

Postby Guest » 06/29/07 11:10 AM


Dream Tear

Postby Guest » 06/30/07 09:47 PM

Rainbow deck is still available

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