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Postby Steve Hook » 09/01/01 01:34 AM


Yes, I'm an Elliott fan.

My first magic book was Joseph Leeming's _Card Tricks Anyone Can Do_.

But the first book I got my parents to buy me was _magic as a hobby_. Wow...what a great memory, cracking that baby open and seeing some real miracles, especially the back-in-time routine.

And then there are the original issues I bought of The Phoenix. The magic was/is very cool and the news updates, like Richard's "Bull", were like little history lessons from WWII. Kind of weird reading that and thinking how they were printed while The War was being fought.

Too bad Mr. Elliott isn't still alive...

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Postby Ben Harris » 09/01/01 01:46 AM

I agree.
He wrote some wonderful books. Great magic and an enthusiastic attitude.

Creator of the famous "Floating Match On Card" illusion.
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Postby Ed Oschmann » 09/01/01 09:28 AM

My mom went to a garage sale many years ago and brought back with her a worn copy of 'Classic Secrets of Magic'. At the time there was too much text for my ADD brain to handle. It is one of favorite diamonds in the rough now. The chapter on "Those 4 Aces is a treasure. Even by today's standards. :)
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/01/01 11:27 PM

Bruce Elliott did NOT write a bad magic book. And The Phoenix has given me hundreds of hours of great reading.
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Postby Robert Kane » 09/02/01 12:24 AM

Elliott's Classic Secrets of Magic is one of my favorite magic books and one I turn to again and again. Dr. Sack's Dice Routine is wonderful and the section on Cups & Balls is superb with truly classic material from Don Alan, Charlie Miller and Joe Berg. Plus, as Ben Harris says, the books are written in a joyful and positive style. :)
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Postby Paul Green » 09/07/01 11:40 AM

Classic Secrets of Magic was what I considered my first "real" Magic book. The material covered in that book really gave me a great background and set of tricks.

Along with The Amatuer Magician's Handbook, Bruce Elliot's book (and his others too) are valuable pieces of our Magic Literature.

Paul GreenClassic Secrets of Magic
The Amatuer Magician's Handbook
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Postby Guest » 09/07/01 12:19 PM

I'm happy to echo all that is being said here. "Magic as a Hobby" was my first magic book. Nearly 40 years ago, it helped me make my first baby steps from the Hocus Pocus magic set to an appreciation of and modest proficiency in magic as an art form. Thanks for also mentioning Henry Hay's "Amateur Magician's Handbook," which on top of its practical value is just a fine, fine piece of writing.

Ralph (Ralph the Unfathomable)

Postby David Nethery » 09/08/01 03:41 PM

20 years ago I picked up Elliot's "Classic Secrets of Magic" for $1.50 at a used book store in Toronto.

Best $1.50 I ever spent in my life.
(followed closely by the 3.50 I spent on a used copy of Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death". Postman's book isn't a magic book, but pick it up, you'll be glad you did. )

I return to Elliot again and again. Ditto certain other books: The various Vernon books, "Stars of Magic", Ganson's "The Magic of Faucett Ross" , anything by Jim Steinmeyer, etc. If I had to come up with a LIST it probably wouldn't exceed 25 essential books.

Jon Racherbaumer has warned the magic community about the over-saturation of "trendy" magic books and especially videos, that is creating a lot of so-called information (a.k.a. noise) , but very little real teaching .

Wouldn't it be great if every new magician who joined S.A.M. or I.B.M. was given over to a mentor who would guide the neophyte through the process of mastering the magic in a select few books, such as Elliot's "Classic Secrets of Magic" ?
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