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Postby Yves Tourigny » 11/11/02 07:49 PM

Just finished reading my november issue. The Sawa section is splendid. I really enjoyed every trick. It made me dig out my Sawa's Library of Magic volume. It has been a long time since I had taken a look at it. What a wonderfull book!!! I have done a few routine from the book and most every one of them is worth performing. Sawa is a man with a vision. It is a shame Richard did not sold enough copies to make it worth his while. I would really have love to read volume 2 and 3. :(
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Postby David Acer » 11/20/02 12:03 PM

I agree with Yves (in a non-sexual manner). It was great to see Sawa's material in Genii, and I loved the Sawa book (also in a non-sexual manner), both aesthetically and in terms of content.
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Postby Matthew Field » 11/21/02 08:01 AM

I agree with David Acer (in a sexual manner).

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Postby Chris Bailey » 12/02/02 03:56 PM

I'll second that (er...THIRD that?)
Sawa's Bank Night is one of the coolest Wild Coin variations I've ever seen.
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