Cellini DVD

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Postby Guest » 07/13/02 09:06 AM

I've got a few (very few) copies of the new Cellini DVD: "The Art of Street Performing."

For you kind Genii folks:
50 bucks postpaid (normal retail = 59.95)

If you're interested in working the streets, this vid has ALL the tips you need to get going. (Not alot of magic, but LOTS of info on working ('a pitch.')

Send me an email if you're interested: connjure@cox.net

Postby Hanno » 07/14/02 12:10 PM

Are the DVD of Cellini the same as the material of the video made by international Magic London (Mc Millan?)
Thanks Hanno
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Postby Guest » 07/14/02 01:27 PM

No, it's not the McMillan thing

The DVD is New Project (filmed in / across the United States.) Its focus is on It features several street peformers doing their thing and Cellini offering commentary on what,when,how,why, etc...

In addition to the superb material,
the production is heads above anything 'out there.'

good stuff,
Doug Conn

Postby Hanno » 07/14/02 01:34 PM

Does Cellini perform his routines on the tape for a lay audience?
Cellini lived a long time in swizerland were I met him and saw him performing for lay audience. It was realy a great. The best Ive seen.
I would love to have documented some of his routines for lay audience. His lecutures and his mc millan tape are great, but its not cellini performing...
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Postby Guest » 07/14/02 03:28 PM

There's a few short clips of Cellini performing (not much) Sonny Holiday is also on the DVD (about a 10 minute act.)

The tape does not focus on magic as much as it does on HOW to work the street.

From what I understand, there is a second volume in the works that should focus more on Cellini and "his" magic.

Postby Guest » 07/23/02 02:53 PM

I've just reviewed the Cellini DVD/videotape for my email newsletter. As you may know, I'm the author of BE A STREET MAGICIAN, so it's on my topic of interest.

The review is too long to post here, but if you're interested in receiving an email containing the review, let me know at mysterious@compuserve.com. Make sure to let me know that you saw this on the Genii forum.

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