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For sale here, I am offering one copy of Guy Hollingworth's "The London Collection" (from 1996), and one copy of "Routines" (from 2000).

These outstanding tapes have not been easily available for some time.

I am sure most of you will be familiar-enough with these tapes that lengthy descriptions aren't necessay.

Below I will reproduce the back cover blurbs, but if anyone would like more info, please email me and we can discuss futher.

From "The London Collection" (100 minutes, black and white):
"The London Collection is not like most magic videos: filmed on location in London, seven of Guy Holligworth's favourite card effects are performed against the backdrop of this historic city. Included are versions of some of his classic routines from his lectures, such as Waving the Aces, The Easy Way Home, and Waves of Water; also new routines which have never been explained, such as The Ambidextrous Interchange, New Material, and L'Arc de Triomph, all of which are from his regular performing repertoire."

From "Routines" (approx. 100 minutes full color):
"On 28th May, 1999, our cameras followed Guy Hollingworth for a day. During that time, as well as talking about his background and inspirations in magic, he discussed and explained some of his favourite routines that had been recorded at shows over the previous month, including: An Ace Assembly (which uses a diabolically simple gimmick that you already own); A Card at Any Number (one of the most powerful effects using no more technique than a double lift) and several less-known routines, such as The Cassandra Quandary, The Travellers, and Cards Under a Box. He was also persuaded to perform The Reformation, his reknowned torn and restored card (although it is not explained, owing to unusual circumstances...)"

Needless to say, these tapes have helped cement Mr. Hollingworth's reputation as one of the top sleight-of-hand men around, they sold out on his website a number of years ago.

The price is $80 each, postage in the U.S. paid, or both to a single buyer for $150, postage in U.S. paid. (Any necessary international postage can be discussed...)

All Best,

David Cox
3727 West Iris
Visalia, CA 93277

(559) 734-9466

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