Paul Fox and Gazzo Cups for sale...

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Postby Guest » 07/18/07 05:38 PM

I've decided to part with a couple of sets of cups.

I have a set of Gazzo cups in brass made by Gary Knight. They're large, heavy and perfect for that street show. $400

I'm also selling a rarity in the world of magic - a set of Paul Fox cups made by Danny Dew. I got these from Wilber Kattner who purchased them from Danny. In addition, he had Danny DOUBLE SILVER PLATE the cups. Wilber told me it was to add some mass to them. I'll sell these for $1400.

If they don't sell within a week, I'll try eBay. Besides, I've never pissed Jeff Busby off, and isn't it just time? ;-)

Here are some photos of the cups. They look much better in person than in the photos...


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Postby Guest » 07/19/07 04:18 AM

I made an error on the Gazzo cups which you can easily see in the photos. They are _not_ brass. They are Copper...

Yup, I _knew_ they were copper. And I said, "copper, copper, copper" over and over as I typed b-r-a-s-s.

Otherwise, everything else stands. ;-)

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