Milson Worth and Sheppard effects For sale here/ NOT Ebay

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Milson Worth and Sheppard effects For sale here/ NOT Ebay

Postby Guest » April 26th, 2006, 6:10 am

Hey folks,
I am going a different direction with my magic collection and this is your chance to purchase some great Milson Worth and Walt Sheppard effects. As you may know, these effects are some of the most sought after collectibles as well as High Quality magic. I seem to have misplaced my file which had all my instruction sheets. If I find the file, I will include instructions, but for now, I must state NO INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED. Please email me if you have a serious interest and I can send detailed pics upon request.

MW Chinese Flame Clock: Excellent Condition with one touch up along the upper side edge. Instructions NOT included.
$425 OBO

MW TV Card Frame: Excellent Condition!! Only a few MINOR knicks. Hard to find one in such beautiful condition. Comes with original Gold Clips for Plexi Plates. Instructions NOT included.
$395 OBO

MW Pom Pom Poles: Great Condition but there is a considerable dent on one end. Otherwise they work great. Will display nice if you roll the dent to the back
$100 OBO

MW Coin of the Realm: Excellent Condition!!
$175 OBO

Sheppard Balloon to Bunny: Excellent Condition! Hard to find one so near perfect condition. This is classic Walter with an abundance of Okito style decals. A stunning piece.
$375 OBO

Sheppard Production Cabinet: I forgot the name of this effect. EXCELLENT CONDITION!! It has 4 doors, two to the front and two at the rear as well as a full size lid at the top. You show one side empty by opening both front and rear doors. Do a "sucker bit" as if you are tipping the load to the other side and repeat the door opening on the other side. Repeat this bit until you finally open the top for a large production. This is as larger cabinet and is beautiful!
$375 OBO

Sheppard Rabbit Production Cabinet and Stand: This is a Vintage Sheppard piece which shows its age but is still in great condition. Shows peeling of deacals and bumps n scuffs. I was going to restore it but felt it was best to keep it original for history's sake. Comes with a highly ornate stand and is decaled to the max. This is a wonderful display piece of Vintage Magic! I hate to let this go.
$575 OBO

Professionally packed. Shipping to be determined.
MONEY ORDERS ONLY!! I prefer to avoid Paypal fees..unless you want to pay them
Email me at for pics if needed.

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