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Postby Paul Gordon » 12/24/05 04:22 AM

If interested in this RARE book (it looks like my original, but may be a copy - not sure; but was purchased [by previous owner] from Bob Read AND signed by him), just ask.

Looking for at least 100 ($200) plus postage.


Paul Gordon
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Paul Gordon
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Postby NCMarsh » 12/24/05 07:45 AM

I may be unaware of what other copies are going for, but this seems exhorbitant. I purchased a copy of the "Penultimate Cups and Balls," signed by Bob Read, from Richard Hatch for $20 in the week after Mr. Read's untimely passing. "Transpo Tumbler," also a fairly rare Read title, ran me $5.


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Postby Kurt Ruckman » 12/24/05 08:05 AM

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought commentary about prices etc. was not allowed on this forum. Let the readers judge for themselves!
Kurt Ruckman
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/24/05 08:45 AM

Kurt, you are correct. The only exception to this rule has been when someone tries to rob readers of the Forum. That is exactly what Paul Gordon is trying to do. Selling something that is legitimately worth one-tenth of the asking price is, in my opinion, a form of robbery. Readers should be alerted.
Dustin and I cannot read every post. So, if something like this happens again, we appreciate being alerted so we can contact the seller or delete the thread.
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