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Your doorway to those rare collectibles that everyone is searching for: books, props, posters, cards, and paper ephemera are all here for you to buy and sell.

Postby Guest » 10/18/02 06:41 PM

Free shipping in USA

- James Swain, "Miracles with Cards", $35, autographed
- James Swain, "Don't Blink", $30, autographed
- Andrew Wimhurst, "Down Under Deals", $25, autographed
- Jason Womack & Bob White, "It's a Matter of Style", $20
- Dan Garrett, "Garrett Does the U.K.", $10

- Dan Harlan, "MindBogglers" 4 volume set, $65
- Daryl, "Daryl Does the Full Monte Video", $20

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