"Voodoo Puppet Puncture" - Wanted

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Postby Stefan Fisher » 12/01/04 09:15 PM

I'm looking for a "Voodoo Puppet Puncture" made by Michael Schwabe and marketed by Magic Inc. a few years ago. Does anyone out there have one that they'd want to sell?
Stefan Fisher
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Postby Brad Henderson » 12/02/04 04:35 PM

I got one from Magic INc not too long ago. Have you tried them?

Brad Henderson
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Postby Stefan Fisher » 12/02/04 09:07 PM

Magic Inc. doesn't have them anymore.
Stefan Fisher
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Postby Guest » 12/06/04 07:00 PM

There is one currently listed on eBay.
The seller is John Mendoza.

Postby schwabe » 05/10/10 11:04 AM

Michael Schwabe here. It's great to hear that folks like my Voodoo Puppet Puncture. I have started making them again. I have modified the design and it looks more like an authentic primitive artifact. I have also tweaked the construction of the prop to fit more closely to the hand which makes the effect even more powerful. In order to make them, I need an outline of your hand on paper. If interested, please contact me by email for the details. schwabepuppets@yahoo.com The new version of this effect costs $250.00 which includes shipping. Cheers.
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Postby Brandon Hall » 05/10/10 11:57 AM

Hey Michael, I guess the rumor of your demise was simply that. Is there any place to see a demo of this effect?
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Postby Steve Bryant » 05/10/10 12:15 PM

Look on youtube for Brian Brushwood performing Mr. Happy Pants. Of course, this is Brian's routine, not for the use of others.
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