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Postby Yves Tourigny » 09/20/03 01:48 PM

Taking Jon's comment as a cue, I will say that, among many others, one person I would like to see on the cover as well as in the Magicana section is Bill Goodwin. We know precious little about this man and he is fascinating to me ( I am sure I am not alone) . There was a small article about him in the Magic a couple of years ago and it was not very satisfying.
Many others are on my personnal list for a cover ( hey I have a right to dream lol): Goeff Latta, Jon Townsend, Kostya Kimlat ( I met him at the last Tannens Jubilee and he was fantastic), Paul Cummins, Chris Kenner and so many others. I can certainly guide you Richard in that way ;)
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