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Postby Pete Biro » 06/10/03 04:31 PM

Threefly (original mss. of Kenner); Bob Read's Transpo Tumbler; 50 Trick You Can do, You Will Do, compiled by Rufus Steele; Faro Fantasy, Swindord (soiled cover); Stuthard's Trilby Deck; The Breather--the Ultimate Crimp, Bob King; Charlie Miller on the Card Index; Further Adventures of the Seven in One, Chanin (rare).

$75 for the lot.

Free media postage, or $5.00 for the lot. Individual sales add $1.00 per book postage.

Paypal to pete@petebiro.com
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Pete Biro
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Postby Lucas Sanou Reed » 03/17/12 09:14 PM

Hello Pete,

I do realize that it has been four years since this last post but what I thought I should at least, give a try, right? :)

So I've been forever trying to track down all three of Bob King's booklets on (breather) crimps. And I have come across your post here on the Genii forum and saw that you offered (hopefully still are) what I believe to be the last volume of these publications (3). So I was wondering if it's still available, and if so, how much would First Class Mail Int'l to Spain be?

Thanks in advance for your time Pete!

Lucas S. Reed

P.S.: If you don't have it available anymore, could you point out any source whence I could acquire any of the booklets?
Lucas Sanou Reed
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Postby Steve Hook » 03/18/12 01:14 AM

Actually, it's been eight years, Lucas. :)
Steve Hook
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Postby Lucas Sanou Reed » 03/18/12 06:23 AM

I just now realized my error... I actually looked at Pete's registration date instead of the post's publication date!

Well, there is no harm in trying to see if they're still available.
Lucas Sanou Reed
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Postby Sean-Dylan » 03/18/12 08:49 AM

Try reaching Bob King directly at BKingmagic@aol.com or at (585) 461-2207 or 304 Suburban Court, Rochester, NY 14620.
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Postby Lucas Sanou Reed » 03/18/12 06:54 PM

Hi Sean,

I did email him about it about two weeks ago but I have yet to receive a reply... I'm wondering if I should call him...
Lucas Sanou Reed
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