Wanted :Abbotts Chinese Stack of bowls

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Postby Guest » 03/25/02 10:20 PM

I have an old Abbotts stack of bowls , but over the years the bowls have be broken. It too good an effect to just stop using am looking to replace the bowls 5 1/2 " in diameter and about 3-4" in hight. Abbotts no longer carries the bowls. If any one can help me to find bowls it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Merlin 214

Postby Guest » 03/30/02 07:23 PM

The bowl you are looking for is the SQUAT, as opposed to DRUM fish bowl,,rarely carried anymore by pet shops as they are too small,,some variety stores might have a few,,unfortunately I have forgotten the manufacturers name,,when it comes to me, I will tell you...the mind is the second thing to go. Look in the yellow pages under pet supplies wholesale, and lay a story on them...Stan Kramien

Postby Guest » 04/05/02 02:28 AM

"The mind is the second thing to go......"
OK Ill fall for it What is the first thing ? ;)

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