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Postby Guest » 06/10/02 12:49 PM

I'm looking for some fun, easy to describe (one line or less) practical jokes - nothing really mean, though. Thanks

Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 06/10/02 01:11 PM

I would suggest you get the following book available at many magic shops/book dealers and through was published last year.

"Caution Practical Joker Ahead" by Bruce Walstad
Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Caution Practical Joker Ahead is a life-long collection of the author's practical jokes, gags, tricks and stories that he has personally used on friends, co-workers and during lectures and seminars that he conducts. A total of 76 practical jokes are represented in the book, ranging from surprisingly simple to others requiring more preparation. The author's philosophy is to never damage anything or hurt anyone physically with a practical joke or gag.
List Price: $14.95
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Postby Steve Bryant » 06/10/02 01:45 PM

Mac King's Tricks With Your Head also has some funny stuff and is likewise available from Amazon.
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Postby Robert McDaniel » 06/10/02 06:22 PM

Thomas A.O'Lenick's "Aerodynamic Dollar" from Paul Harris' "Las Vegas Close-up" is a good one.

And, "Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends" by Penn & Teller is a great resource for practical jokes. My personal favorite is the "recipe" for Lemon Angel Cookies.

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Postby Guest » 06/10/02 06:38 PM

My favorite to this day is from the Amazing Jonathan's "Every trick in the book" book. It is super simple and creates loads of laughs. Preparation is simple, go into your bathroom with a video camera, tape a shot of the toilet from as high as you can get the camera, tape about 5-8 minutes of this then put the tape into your VCR. Now you are set, all you need is a couple of unsuspecting visitors to come over. When they arrive one of them will eventually need to go to the bathroom, as soon as they go into the bathroom, let everyone else in on the joke and tell them to gather around the TV and to start laughing hysterically, then just when the person starts to come out of the bathroom hit play on the VCR. Now imagine yourself as the person coming out of the bathroom, you see everyone laughing and wonder "What's so funny?" then you see a camera shot of the bathroom on the TV, you of course assume they have been watching you the entire time through some sort of hidden camera ;) .

I have used my tape often and it is hilarious!


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