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Postby Kurt Lee Flickner » 02/27/04 06:17 PM

Reply only by email to Magicalpro@aol.com

Well it has been a while, but in the next couple weeks, I will have this venture back in full swing, I have been going thru the destructable "Divorce" for the past 6 months, and as a result have had to box everything up, and move couple times, but I am getting ready to start emailing out lists again.

If in the past, you recieved email lists from me, you need to do nothing, I still have your email in my database, if you wish to be added to my email army, just send me an email, asking to be added to the list.

Here is how we sell the items, many are brand new, still in original packaging, some are used, many are items no longer available elsewhere. I have a website, www.MagicEstateSale.com , go ahead and check it out, there are still couple hundred items listed there for immediate sale. I compile a list of about 100 items at a time, and at the same time I update the website, with descriptions, some pictures and other info, I will at same time send out a mass emailing to all in my email army giving a list of the new items, and prices, no description in the email, you have to go to the website for that. Items are sold on first come, first serve basis. Most of the items are sold within the first 12 hours, so big opportunity is available only for those in the email army.

I respect your privacy, I do not share email addresses with anyone, and I send all emails blind carbon copy, so noone else sees your address. I do not send emails except to let you know of the new items listed, I do not keep sending you "updated" lists, just to let you lookover items still available. In the past I have put together 14 lists, and have sent out only 14 emails.

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