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Discuss general aspects of Genii.

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I'd rather hear from people like Rage 1. He and others like him make a great deal of sense. I have not contributed much to this forum other than a few stories about some magicians you never met. I cannot do much more. I was there-- a little kid and a witness to magic in the making. I was too stupid to take notes for you guys -- hell I hardly even realized that I was seeing something interesting.

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What is it exactly that you want here?

What is it exactly that you're feeling you must contribute here?

.........Why are you here?

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Originally posted by Vernon's son:
...I was there-- a little kid and a witness to magic in the making...
IMHO those impressions are more useful in remembering the people than the tricks in the books.

* today we found out the founder of the company I work at had passed on. My boss, who has worked there for over thirty years took a few minutes in his office to tell some stories and remember the guy. None of those stories were about his engineering or accomplishments at work.

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Mr, Verner,
I (and I think most of us) value your stories because we are not just interested in magic but in the people have influented magic. You provide a glimpse into the lives of people we never had a chance to meet. I appreciate the stories whether they contain magic or not.

Others have said it differently but your posts are sometimes erratic. You complement us for being literate and then insult us for wasting our time with something that doesn't interest you.

We are intersted in your father as a magician and also his other interests. His stengths as well as his frailties. This is true about his magician friends as well.

It is this same interest we hold for Erdnase. We may never know but when someone like Erdnase or your father or many of his friends have an influence on the development of magic, we like to know what kind of people they were. It's not just the magic. The published record provides that.

Magic has a colorful past because of the varieties of people that have found it fascinating. Some have been gambling cheats. Some have been successful doctors, lawyers etc. We like the stories and come here to discuss and sometimes disagree but we for the most part try to accept our differences with a certain amount of decorum.

I hope you continue to contribute whatever you wish and don't participate in the threads that don't interest you.

Best regards,
Mark Collier
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What tricks do you remember liking?!

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Neepie, I like it that you come from a perspective completely unique to us. You witnessed history from the inside while the rest of us, with some exceptions, have to read about it.
Steve V

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Originally posted by Steve V':
Wow! That's either gonna crack him up or send him into orbit. Go Derek.... :)

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The name no longer bothers me. All (except my brother and Martin Gardner)) who used to call me that are dead.

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That'll teach 'em.
Steve V

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