Dan Fleshman video from L&L???

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Postby timbrown » 10/25/02 12:12 PM

I just received the latest L&L catalog (oh hurry up Christmas!) and I noticed that Dan Fleshman was at the L&L studio (he was in several of the pictures). I assume that he was filming an upcoming video.

Does anyone know when this project will become a reality? Dan Fleshman is a great magician and I expect that the end result will be good.
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Postby Jim Sisti » 11/07/02 01:44 PM

Dan shot two videos' worth of material at the L&L facilities last Spring. I expect that the volumes should be out sometime in 2003.
Jim Sisti
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Postby timbrown » 11/08/02 06:22 AM

Thanks for the information Jim. I'll keep my eyes open for the upcoming video/DVD. I have always preferred books over video and probably always will but I have recently started to consider some of the great stuff that is available in the video format. I especially enjoy the "performance only" videos and expect that Dan's will be great.

Best regards,

Tim Brown
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Postby Guest » 11/17/02 11:14 PM

Dan IS good; for another great performer of sleight of coins, see anything by Dean Dill; I love his stuff even if a lot--not all- of it is fifty different ways of doing matrix
Marty Kaplan

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