Wanted: Old Fashioned Key-r-rect Lock

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Postby Brian Morton » 04/11/02 01:08 PM

Somewhere along the line, I could swear I saw someone advertising a "Seven Keys/Key-r-rect" type of lock except it was designed as an old-style "warded" lock (except perhaps without warded keys). In other words, a big old gaffed lock where the hasp swings open on a hinge.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists, and if so, where I might get one?

Ever grateful,
brian :cool:
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Brian Morton
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Postby Jon Elion » 04/12/02 04:35 AM

Owens magic has something like that -- see http://www.owenmagic.com/OMS/Spirit%20Mental%20Page.htm
Jon Elion
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