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Postby Guest » 04/29/05 10:00 AM


My friend linked me to the following website which has a movie showing the various passes that Randy Wakeman is going to teach and demonstrate on his DVD.



So anyway, I was wondering if the DVD and accompanying sales pitch was some sort of late April Fools. What I mean is that the text below that accompanies the DVD introduction doesn't seem to match the footage that I've watched a few times.

"This is a thorough and inspiring work on the pass, one of card magic's most important moves."

"The Randy Wakeman Spread Pass Is Perfect" -- Bob Elliott"

"Randy gives you the best in Pass moves."

"These are moves that seperate the novice card magician from the serious card professional."

So with that in mind....

Why can I see every break before the pass is executed?

Why is there such extreme finger and knuckle movement during each pass?

Why does he dribble half the pack 3/4 of a card length behind the bottom half just to obtain a pinky break?

Why do his hands sometimes actually go out of camera shot during the pass? Is this some sort of involuntary spasm?

Why can I visibly see the bottom half of the pack rejoining the top half during his tap pass?

Why does he have to spread through a face down pack twice to find a face up card?

Why does he talk about a "burnable" pass being more in vogue when the passes he is demonstrating look more like open cuts?

Obviously I haven't seen the full DVD but I assume these are some of the best highlights he has taken out in order to sell it?

Maybe this quote from the ad is the more accurate one?

"Imagine taking a deck of cards and having UNREAL CONTROL of your spectators selected card!"

His CAPITALS not mine.


Iain Girdwood

Postby Temperance » 04/29/05 10:52 AM

It's because he's [censored]. Next question!

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Postby Guest » 04/29/05 01:23 PM

S(Superlative), H(handling), I(in), T(Thaumaturgical), E(environments)? GREAT acronym!

Best, PSC

Postby Temperance » 04/29/05 01:30 PM


n : obscene term for faeces [syn: crap, dirt, [censored], poop, turd].

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Postby Ryan Matney » 04/29/05 01:50 PM

Who, besides Randy, ever declared Wakeman a master of the pass?
Ryan Matney
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/29/05 02:57 PM

I saw Wakeman do some decent passes at Fechter's many years ago.
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Postby Brian Marks » 04/29/05 03:12 PM

Randy Wakeman is indeed a very good card man.
Brian Marks
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