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Postby Guest » 05/07/02 07:54 AM

This rare Richard Himber item was purchased in the 60's. He called it "For Professionals Only." There were two versions: The standard one and the deluxe version: "Bound in Leather and stamped with 24 Carat Gold."
Here's the text of the ad:
"Another Richard Himber Gem. A dictionary with over 600 pages, beautifully bound in hard covers is handed out for examination. Spectator can riffle the pages to find that the 60,000 words are all different. Spectator mentally chooses a couple of words from any page he wants while continuing to hold the dictionary. MENTALIST reads his mind without any probing, switching, envelopes, papers, or any of the usual gimmicks. Spectator can even choose two different words from two different parts of the book simultaneously and mentalist immediately comes up with the word and definition. Can be repeated immediately and often. Price is $20.00 pp. Bound in leather stamped with 24-carat gold... $25.00."
As with many of Himber's items this was produced in limited quantity. If my memory serves he advertised that only 50 were produced.
There are no torn or ripped pages, the cover and binding and in excellent shape. The pages have yellowed a bit with time, but are still very much intact.
I will include a copy of the book "Richard Himber, The Man And His Magic," which includes the instructions, the wording from Himber's Ad, and a photo copy of the "gimmick."
$450.00 for this piece of magic history. E-mail me if you're interested:

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