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Postby Pete Biro » 02/17/08 10:38 PM

We had a major scare in our family. With the horrible shooting at Northern Illinois University. My stepson is a teacher there and we had not idea if he was OK, or not for some time. Turned out he was in the next building and was OK.

When it comes that close, our family just wants all to know how we feel for those effected. :(
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Postby Frank Tougas » 02/20/08 10:51 PM

My God Pete that has to be a scary senario. Glad everything is alright. How is he doing, shootings are such unpredictable and traumatic events.

Frank Tougas
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Postby Rennie » 02/21/08 09:27 AM

This is the reason I strongly believe in gun control. Never going to happen in my lifetime though, too bad...
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