For Sale: 20 Magic Videos @ $15 Each (I'll Cover Postage)

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Postby Mitch Praver » 04/10/02 12:47 PM

All tapes are $15 each and are in very good condition. I will pay postage and handling costs. Requests will be satisfied on a first-come, first-serve basis – based on the time your E-mail to me at was received. I hope that you enjoy these tapes as much as I have. These are the final 20 titles for sale from my collection.

1) Lennart Green: Green Magic, Vol. 1
2) Carl Cloutier: Live from London
3) Carl Cloutier: Expert Sleeving Made Easy
4) Kevin James Presents: The Floating Rose
5) Michael Skinner's Professional Close-Up Magic, Vol. 3
6) The Magic of Dominique Duvivier, Vol. 1
7) Lasting Impressions: Commercial Magic with Aldo Colombini, Vol. 1
8) Very Very Close: The Magical Masterpieces of Michael Close, Vol. 2
9) Steve Bedwell…Taped!: The Steve Bedwell Video, Vol. 1
10) Doc Eason Live! On Location at the World Famous Tower Comedy Magic Bar, Vol. 1
11) David Regal: Tricks! The Magic of David Regal, Vol. 1
12) The John Cornelius Video: The F.I.S.M. Act, Vol. 1
13) Harry Lorayne: Best Teacher, Entertainer, etc., Vol. 3
14) Harry Lorayne: Best Teacher, Entertainer, etc., Vol. 4
15) Michael Ammar: Easy to Master Card Miracles, Vol. 3
16) Michael Ammar: Easy to Master Card Miracles, Vol. 6
17) Guy Bavli: The Metal Bending Video, Vol. 2
18) The Magic of Alex Elmsley: The Tahoe Sessions, Vol. 1
19) The Legendary Repertoire of Michael Skinner, Vol. 1
20) Patrick Page – 25 Super Tricks
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