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Postby Guest » 05/13/02 12:21 PM

In December of 1973, just after completing a year's study of magic under a grant from the Canada Arts Council, Doug Henning produced a full evening illusion show at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto. It was directed by Ivan Reitman who went on to become a well known Hollywood director of films such as Animal House. Doug was only 26 years old at the time.
Doug's show was called "Spellbound." At this time he was almost unknown to magicians, but was about to be catapulted to stardom when the Broadway Producers of "Grease" visited Toronto to see this show. They brought Doug to Broadway. They wrote a new book around Doug and his illusions and called it "The Magic Show."
What I have for sale are 7 copies of the Spellbound program from the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto. Each one is a 20 page booklet printed on glossy stock. One of them is signed by Doug on the front cover.
I'm asking $75.00 each for the unsigned ones and $250.00 for the signed copy.
I doubt if many of these even exist any more. If so, it can't be many. I went up to Toronto to see the show as Doug's guest (staying at his apartment as well.) I picked up these copies at the theatre after the show. I put them aside until now. They are in excellent condition.
e-mail me if you have any interest:

Postby Guest » 05/23/02 11:32 AM

Dennis: on EBAY recently a program from the court? theatre signed by Doug,,went for big bucks,,why dont you put the items you have (one at a time) on E Bay,,,what does it take to get you to come to my Jamboree and do a lecture, and a act...This yeat the 15th takes place May 31, and June 1 featuring Ali Bongo,,next yeat it will be Memorial Day week end on a Sat and Sunday.

Postby George Olson » 05/24/02 12:34 PM


Come on up! It would be great to see ya!
Biro's staying at my place, we sure could make room if you need a place to crash ...remember in "77 or was it '78 in Bend.

I just bought a copy of your cup & ball routine from some guy back East on e-Bay. Nostalgia lives!!! I know you'll be jealous, I haven't aged a bit....
George Olson
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Hi George,
It was in Bend, remember that we went over to Original Joe's and did close up magic? I already responded to Stan privately and told him I am booked down here for the weekend.
I'll be thinking about you guy, have a great gathering!

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