1920s Chinese Automaton (video)

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From the mighty boingboing.

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I love automatons of magic tricks and this is the best I have ever seen. Anybody else like to see a history of automatons performing magic in GENII? There is something wonderful about the match up between automata and magic.


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Just curious, what would an automaton like that be worth?

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Here some estimations of auctions...


Phalibois, an automaton of a barrister, "L'Avocat", Fine automaton with 7 actions by wooden cams. Mechanism stamped in an oval J. Phalibois. Recently revised movement in good condition : head, eyelids, mouth and fine movements of the arms. All these movements depict a barrister pleading with passion. On a wooden base. Restoration to the clothes. End of 19th c. H. 50 cm - L. 48 cm.
Est. 7000/10000 euro

937 A good automaton of "Le singe cuisinier" (a monkey cook). attributed to Phalibois, placed under a glass dome. Under an arbor, the monkey, placed behind the stove, prepares a sauce which will be served with the chicken which is cooking in the oven. Movements of the head, jaws, eyes, right arm (turning the sauce) and left arm (pouring wine in the saucepan). Good original condition, on a black musical wooden base. Second half of the XIXth century. Height : 67 cm.
Est. 50/70000 FF

N 763 Phalibois : "La Pianiste" Superbe automate d'une grande fracheur grce son globe. Assise son piano, cette lgante du milieu du XIXme jouet et fait danser une petite poupe debout sur le piano. Beau mouvement de la tte en biscuit press figure de mannequin caractrise. Mouvement de mains en bois. Mcanisme six cames en bois. Mcanisme marqu "Phalibois. Paris". Sur socle noir avec musique deux airs se remontant pas tirage. Epoque Napolon III. H. 67 cm. L. 50 cm.
Est. 8000/12000

and here a great Link regarding automata ! automata


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Just found something interesting (in Google Cache): HERE

Approximately 50 automata will be offered, including lot 567, a rare early Magician Automaton by Throude. The magician turns his head from side to side and then looks down at the table, his eyes moving from left to right and his mouth opening as though mumbling, as he lifts both cups simultaneously to reveal a sequence of six changes: nothing on the left and a die on right, nothing on the right and a die on the left, three balls and a loaf of bread, an apple and three balls, two pears, and then nothing.

Active from around 1831-72, Alexandre Throude was one of the earliest makers in the golden age of the French automaton. Although his work is sometimes mistaken for that of Phalibois, with which it shares some similarities, Throude's automata are generally smaller and more delicate, and the unusual choice of items under this magician's cups is characteristic of Throude's whimsical sense of humor (est. $12/18,000). Others include lot 593, a rare Ives General Grant Smoker automaton, whose early advertisements claimed that it was capable of blowing perfect smoke rings. Running for over an hour on one winding, the long duration of the mechanism would have made the General Grant Smoker an ideal (and very early) advertising automaton (est. $12/18,000).

===>A Phalibois automaton from a traveling exhibition, titled "New Woman" (lot 600, est. $20/30,000 ), and a Singing Bird Box by Rochat, believed to be the earliest numbered singing bird box by Rochat to have been offered at auction thus far (lot 556, est. $10/15,000) also will be featured.


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