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Postby Guest » 01/25/02 11:08 PM

I've got some modern-day posters (the biggest is a Cards as Weapons one, 24x36) that I am planning to frame myself, and was wondering-- do most people mat their posters (my room is a somewhat small one), and if not, do you need a spacer to prevent the print from touching plexiglass?

Finally, if there's no mat, how does one archivally mount the poster to the back-- i.e. how do you attach the paper hinges?


-- Frank

Postby Guest » 01/28/02 03:12 PM

Are you interested in preserving the value (and future value) of the poster, or just having a nicely framed poster? There are specific ways of mounting a poster on linen so that it retains its value, other methods of mounting can make it virtually worthless in terms of "collectability." My suggestion would be to go to and e-mail Charles Greene, the docent, to ask him about the best options. I'm sure he'd be happy to advise you. :)

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