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Postby Shawn Preston » 03/13/03 11:34 AM

I am a performer at the D&B here in Denver and have just suffered the results of our difficult economic times. After 5 1/2 years I have been laid off. I'm told that its due to the lowest sales ever and it's a corporate mandate. I'm curious if anyone else has suffered the same blow to their deck.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/13/03 12:41 PM

Sorry to hear it.
Times are tough and getting worse.
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Postby Jon Armstrong » 03/13/03 01:01 PM

Trust me I know your pain. I being one of the casualties of Caesar's Magical Empire closing I know how it feels to lose a beloved gig. I moved to LA and have been doing a Sat night weekly at a D&B here in town. So far that is still going on and the place is jumping every time I've been there. You should get a hold of Howie Marmer in Atlanta. He used to book all of the D&B's in the State. Still does far as I know. I don't have an email for him but I sure one could be found.
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Postby opie » 04/13/03 04:21 PM

A couple of magicians here in Austin, Texas were also laid off by Dave and Busters; looks like magicians are getting the old Vaudville heave ho.....shame.....opie
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Postby Joe M. Turner » 04/13/03 06:47 PM

Atlanta has 2 different D&B locations -- Marietta and Duluth. Howie works at and books other performers for both of them. There used to be one or two magicians at each location most nights from Tuesday through Sunday. They have now cut back to just Fridays and Saturdays, with Howie working a shift on Sundays.

I already have a steady restaurant gig on Fridays, but I have filled in on some Saturday nights at both D&B locations over the last year and a half. When I was in Marietta last weekend, there were two magicians working. Last night in Duluth, it was me and a balloon sculptor.

I don't know if there is an overall corporate heave-ho because Howie just called me last week and booked me on some dates out into May. If there's a change, I'll try to post to this thread in order to keep the information complete.

Howie's email, by the way, is

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