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Postby Guest » 05/04/06 04:05 PM

A small article on magic collecting was just posted on the website with Martinka getting a mention.

Here's the link:
Presto: Your Own Collection



Postby Guest » 05/04/06 04:50 PM

Short article, but interest in magic collecting is not obviously confined to mostly "older" magic as modern pieces from certain reputable names have seen quite a demand from collectors, hence a nice appreciation in value for their owners. These include Richard Gerlitz, Alan Warner, and Eddy Taytelbaum.

Postby Kevin Connolly » 05/04/06 07:09 PM

Boy! I collected a lot of Houdini in my day, but I don't have a single paper amphora. It must be very hard to attach a handle to, to say the least. :o
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Postby Guest » 05/04/06 08:42 PM

I can just see it now "Hey! Did you get a load of the amphoras on that piece of paper?"

Postby Guest » 05/05/06 12:34 AM


Thanks for the link. Nice to see a plug for magic, albeit, sadly (though understandably) rather investment oriented. The amphora bit was a hoot, yet a deliciously suitable typo since, as containers for liquids, paper amphora must surely be ephemeral in nature....


Postby Guest » 05/05/06 09:56 AM

The author, Finn-Olaf Jones (grandson of Carl Jones) told me that he had written more, but the article was edited down.

Being a business pub, I don't think Forbes would have gone for it without the investment angle.

My quote wasn't exact but close. I'd guess amphora was a slip of a spell checker, but you might want to give the next Swann catalog an extra look just in case :)



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