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Walls and Bridges - Luke Jermay

The notes are 35 spiral bound pages containing 12 effects:

The Cat Came Back?....

A revamped version of a Ramsay Classic " the cat came back" this modern handling brings the wonderful and often overlooked effect bang up to date.

Isolated Oil and Water....

An ultra clean handling of Oil and Water
where the spectator does everything - the mixing the separation...leaving you to take all the credit!

Simon Lovell's Isolated Princess.....

Simon Lovell's treatment of Luke's Oil and Water effect a real stunner!


The ultimate visual transportation effect....one for the boys.

Psychic Blackjack........

An unusual treatment of a gambling routine that twist and turns it way into a completely unexpected "psychic" effect

Phone Prediction........

A stunning and utterly commercial effect featuring an unexpected surprise that makes the prediction even stronger.

Stabbed in the Fan........

A selection is found in the most bizarre fashion...

Greek Deal Demo.........

An utterly convincing demonstration method of the elusive Greek Deal.

Facing Emsley.........

A stunning and completely natural switch that even Mr. Emsley gave the nod of approval to.

Gamblers Dream........

An effect making diabolical use of Facing Emsley.

Greatscott ... it's a variation....

The be all and end all of name a card routines..


The performer takes the audience on a visual roller coaster with a demonstration of cloning a card visually regenerates one corner at a time until you are left with four perfect duplicates of the original. A visual and surprising handling of wild card.

What people are saying about walls and bridges:

“Luke has a keen eye for strong and unusual plots, employing clean and uncluttered methods to achieve impressive results."

Peter Duffie

"Lukes magic shows an understanding of the art far and beyond his years - definitely a guy to watch out for as a future magic star!"

Simon Lovell

"Fantastic, card men will love every page. “The Cat Came Back?” is wonderful, worth the price of the book!”

A. J. Bremner

"I enjoyed reading Luke's lecture notes and I think discerning readers will enjoy them too. Luke is a talented magician, who always thinks creatively about effect construction and his presentations."

Andrew Wimshurst

“Your notes incorporate creative plots as well as original approaches to
both classic and modern effects. Your combination of sleight of hand,
subtlety and misdirection provide for some strong magic and I look forward
to seeing what you come up with next!"

Kevin Baker

“You have some really great ideas here...there's definitely at least two or three effects in these notes that I wouldn't hesitate to add to my repertoire"

Andy Leviss

"Nice effects. Well done. There is definitely good, creative thought here."

Ben Harris

The notes are priced at 15 - $18 please contact luke_jermay@hotmail.com for more details.

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