Michael Ammar - Easy To Master Card Miracles, vols. 1 - 6 (VHS)

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Michael Ammar - Easy To Master Card Miracles, vols. 1 - 6 (VHS)
$45 for all six tapes!! (includes standard shipping and delivery confirmation)

The Card Miracles Series has taken the magic world by storm since the beginning. Consistently classic effects, broadcast quality filming and editing, free bonus effects which include the props, and teaching that is clear, concise and effective. Each video contains classic effects, live performances before an audience, and multiple camera explanations. Any necessary props for the additional bonus items are very inexpensive and readily available from your favorite dealer.

Volume One
8 Card Brainwave(Nick Trost)
Red Hot Mama (Ryan/Everhart/Leech)
Acrobatic Aces
The Secret To A Perfect Royal Flush
Triumph (Dai Vernon)
Further Than That (Stewart James)
Las Vegas Leaper (Paul Harris)
Cannibal Cards (Lin Searles)
Card Thru Table
"A Night at the Improv..."(Eric Mead)
The Insurance Policy (Tommy Wonder)

Volume Two
Twisting The Aces (Dai Vernon)
Daley's Last Trick (Dr. Jacob Daley)
Card Warp (Roy Walton)
Poker Routine (Dai Vernon)
Poker Face (Al Baker)
Overkill (Harris/Ackerman/Emberg)
Card Through Handkerchief
Card Penetration Change (Cy Endfield)
The Ambitious Card
MacDonald's Aces

Volume Three
Haunted Pack (Al Baker)
Between The Palms (Alex Elmsley)
Twins (Brother John Hamman)
Title Bout (Martin Nash)
Opening Stab (Nate Leipzig)
Card In Wine Glass (Navio Martini/Michael Ammar)
Jazz Aces (Darwin Ortiz/Peter Kane)
Card In Wallet (Gary Plants/Michael Ammar)
Color - Changing Deck (Dai Vernon)
Xeroxed Deck

Volume Four
Dunbury Aces (Charlie Miller, Dave Lederman)
Your Signed Card (Brother John Hamman)
Ambitious Classic (Larry Jennings)
J.C. Super Closer (J.C. Wagner)
Reset (Paul Harris)
Untouched (Daryl)
Lazy Man's Card Trick (Al Koran)
Rubber Band Surprise (Bert Fenn)
Card Thru Table
Dr. Daley's Gambler vs Magician (Dr. Joseph Daley)
Factory Misprints (J.C. Wagner)

Volume Five
Virginia City Shuffle (Martin Lewis, Louis Falanga, John Luka)
Another Quick Coincidence (Allan Ackerman)
Henry Christ's Fabulous Four Ace Trick (Henry Christ)
Cards Into Card Box (Mark Lefler)
The Gun Trick (Ken Krenzel)
Card on Ceiling (Michael Ammar)
Torn & Restored Card (J.C. Wagner)
Hofzinser All Backs (Harry Riser)
Grasshopper (Paul Harris)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Dai Vernon)
Paramount (Aldo Colombini)

Volume Six
Close-up Illusion (Larry Jennings)
Play It Straight Triumph (John Bannon)
Sleeve Aces (Al Leech)
Spelling Collins Aces (Martin Lewis)
Jumping Gemini (Darwin Ortiz)
Impossible (Larry Jennings)
Card on Forehead
Triple Coincidence (John Scarne)
Oil and Queens (Roy Walton)
Queens Soiree (Dai Vernon)
Ace in the Hole (Nick Trost)

Paypal preferred (No credit cards, please!!)
Check or money order okay, but I cannot ship until payment clears (thanks in advance for understanding).


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