Coronation Souvenir Magic Magazine - June 1953

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Postby Guest » 10/12/04 11:04 AM


When I went to The Magic Circle earlier this year for The Young Magicians Club workshop, I got to visit the library, and when I left, they gave us each some old magic magazines, adverts, etc. for free.

I got some really interesting magazines, but one was Magic Magazine from June 1953, which was the date of the Queen's Coronation (in England of course!). It is called 'Coronation Souvenir of the Magic Magazine', and it is Volume 2. Number 3.

I was just wondering if this is the same Magic Magazine that is made today worldwide, or is it made by a different company, and is this magazine that I own rare at all, or would it be worth anything?
I am not thinking of selling it or anything, but I am just very interested to know how many other magicians might have it, and how rare it is!

Thanks for the help,
Sam Clarke

Postby Jerry Harrell » 10/12/04 11:48 AM

Hi Sam,

If you are speaking about Stan Allen's MAGIC Magazine, that began publication in 1990, and is published in Las Vegas. Since the magazine you refer to salutes the coronation, my guess is that it was a British mag. You might try contacting Henry Lewis or someone at the Magic Circle for better info. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Jerry Harrell
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/12/04 01:25 PM

I believe it is Ellis Stanyon's magazine Magic from the early part of the century. If it is, there should be a color plate printed on white glossy stock somewhere inside. (Those of you who purchased the L&L reprint of Magic will discover that the plate was not reprinted.)
There was, I believe, yet another British magazine called Magic in the 40s or 50s--Max Andrews, perhaps?
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Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 10/12/04 01:38 PM

Considering the 1953 date mentioned, I highly doubt it's Stanyon's Magic, which ran from 1900-1920 (except for a 4 year break during WWI).

Max Andrews' Magic makes more sense, as that started in April 1952. This is further verified by the fact that the magazine is in question is from June 1953 and is listed as being "Volume 2, Issue 3". That's perfectly consistent with the start date of April 1952.

Jim Maloney_dup1
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Postby Don Spurrier » 10/12/04 05:06 PM

The magazine about which Sam enquires is, indeed, The Vol. 2, No. 3 (June 1953) issue of MAGIC MAGAZINE published by, at that time, London dealer, Max Andrews. I am holding a copy as I type. Max's studio was known as Vampire Magic and produced many unique and well built items. A complete file of this magazine which lasted until Vol. 5, No.6 (Sept 1956) is rated Uncommon (more than 75 known complete files) by the Alfredson/Daily Periodical Bibliography. As a result, I would not think that a single isssue, even though connected to the Coronation, would bring premium prices.

I am constantly amazed by the single issues of magic magazines listed for $9.99 that get sold on ebay for that price, or more, when complete volumes (generally, 12 issues) bring only $4.00 or $5.00. It appears that magazines sell more for a photograph on a magazine cover that what the interior and contents of the magazine contains. Huh!
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Postby Don Spurrier » 10/13/04 04:55 PM

I goofed! When I mentioned that the Alfredson/Daily Bibliography had rated Max Andrews' MAGIC MAGAZINE as Uncommon, I was wrong. The rating is, actually, Common, and the definition supplied is correct. Sorry. A single issue, while valuable to a reader, has no extraordinary value to a purchaser. Huh?
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