Professor Alba and Yu Li San? 1930s or 1950s?

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Postby Guest » 06/03/07 09:11 AM

I finally got a poster of Yu Li San, the medium that was part of Professor Alba's act and now I'm looking to know more about these people and the poster. The scant information that I can find about Alba and Yu Li San saws that Alba was a Spanish magician in the 1930s but the poster of Yu Li San is from 1959. This does not seem to match (see: Does anyone know the history of Alba and the Yu Li San poster? Are the dates for each correct?

Postby Guest » 06/04/07 03:03 PM

Hi !

Profesor Alba (1894 - 1950), was an Spanish magician.

Hypnosis and spiritism were his main act. His wife was the medium, but her name wasnt Yu Li San.

When he died, his son took the show with the same name "Profesor Alba". He died in 1997. His assistants were his two sisters.

Maybe Yu Li San, was the name of one of them.

I hope this help you


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