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Postby Stepanov » 09/09/05 04:50 PM

I am very much interestong of sources some of old pictures (playbills, engravings...). Please, look here: http://users.lk.net/~stepanov/magic/wanted/wanted.html
If you have some of information, it will be good for me.

Oleg Stepanov.
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Postby Eric Rose » 09/21/05 01:32 PM


The picture of a duck on your link strikes me as something I saw in a book called "Inventions that Necessity was not the Mother of" many years ago. The book includes detailed illustrations from American patents submitted to the U.S. patent office. I attempted a search at the patent office www.uspto.gov but didn't find anything similar.

Eric Rose
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Postby Stepanov » 09/24/05 04:16 PM

Thanks for suggestion. But I even can not find mention about such book.

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