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Postby Bill McFadden » 01/01/03 12:27 PM

Happy New Year, everyone! I guess this can now be slotted under "Magic History and Anecdotes:" Who presented the best lecture or workshop you attended during the past year?

In my own case, I can reminisce over some real gems, bearing in mind that I was also privileged to attend the WMS, the SAM Convention, and Card Clinic.

So, among the standouts, in calendar order, I have to list Woody Landers; Steve Beam at the WMS; Eugene Burger's lecture & workshop; Jay Scott Berry's lecture & workshop, Henry Evans; David Parr; R. Paul Wilson at SAM; Nathan Kranzo; 3 days at Card Clinic with Jamy Swiss, Roberto Giobbi, Ken Krenzel & Herb Zarrow; the incomparable Rene Lavand - and the two knockout lectures of the year: David Ben at SAM, and Aaron Fisher at Denny & Lee.

Other pleasant memories include Vanni Bossi, Dan Garrett, Tim Ellis & Sue Ann Webster, Kevin James, Michael Ammar, and Darwin Ortiz.

For this name dropper, it was a VERY good year! :D
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Postby Brian Marks » 01/02/03 12:38 AM

I second the David Ben lecture and the Eugene Burger workshop
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Postby Guest » 01/02/03 05:09 AM

"The Tapestry of Deception" which dissected the points of tension and relaxation in a performance (and how to create them) by Michael Vincent was the highlight 0f 2002 for me. I tore up all my routines and started again on the strength of it.

Postby Randy DiMarco » 01/02/03 07:33 AM

I didn't see many lectures in 2002 but 3 stand out

Earl Nelson - Everything he did was so smooth and so strong

Billy McDonnell - A true underground guy who had our jaws on the floor several times and then he gave us all the details

Troy Hooser - His coin magic looks like the real thing
Randy DiMarco
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Postby Jeff Eline » 01/02/03 10:02 AM

I really enjoyed Aaron Fisher's lecture at Denny & Lees and a bunch of lectures at MAES convention in Philly (Euguen Burger, Kevin James, Michael Ammar & Oscar Munoz)
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Postby Jeffrey Cowan » 01/02/03 10:38 AM

Bob Fitch (with Bob Kohler) lecturing on theatrical/presentational issues at the LVMI convention in September. Advice so good on performing that it kept everyone in the room well past 2 am.
-- Jeffrey Cowan
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Postby John McDonald » 01/07/03 09:30 AM

Have to agree with Graham Nichols, "The Tapestry of Deception" by Michael Vincent was the highlight of the year. I have this on video from Michael's website. It is a truly great lecture.

Best wishes to all for 2003

John :D
Best John
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Postby Erik Hemming » 01/07/03 01:51 PM

John Carney gets my vote.

At a lecture this past summer, under challenging conditions, he delivered one of most visually eloquent, thoughtful, humane and truly inspirational lectures I have ever seen. On any topic.

He's right up there with the Dalai Lama. Seriously.

Mr. Carney cares deeply about magic and about what is good--but not necessarily new--in magic. He presented a lecture that focused on technique and presentation. (Immaculate and polished.) He sold no props, tapes, or books. (He described how to acquire or make the simple props required, in detail, in his lecture.) He was gracious with his time and in his interactions with his audience. In short, he was impressive, inspiring and his magic was astounding.

If I see as good again, I will be lucky.
Erik Hemming
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Postby CHRIS » 01/07/03 02:04 PM

Best lecture on earth is "The Invisible Hand" by Michel Clavello and Greco. Seeing is believing. Pure magic.

Chris Wasshuber
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Postby Guest » 01/08/03 11:53 PM

My vote goes to Nathan Kranzo.

Nate is part of Magic The Next Generation. He has amazing work with everything from cards and coins to breath mints and tan lines (really!).

Postby John Pezzullo » 01/09/03 01:15 AM

My vote goes to Magic Christian (Christian Stelzel) from Austria. I saw him present a lecture on stand-up magic and it was superb. His lecture was filled with commercial material and practical advice for the working performer.
John Pezzullo
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Postby Pete Biro » 01/09/03 01:17 PM

I liked Chad Long's lecture--he is one funny dude.
Stay tooned.
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 01/09/03 01:45 PM

Al Schneider, Cellini and Johnny Thompson, not necessarily in any order.All were outstanding for different reasons.
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Postby Oliver Corpuz » 01/09/03 06:18 PM

For best 2002 lecture, I also vote for the Fitch & Kohler lecture at the Las Vegas Magic Invitational.
- Oliver
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Postby Guest » 01/09/03 09:16 PM

Jorge Alexander's lecture at the SAM was outstanding, especially his work on Nate Liepzig's Sympathetic Ten. David Ben's presentation was equally thoughtful and polished.

Postby John McDonald » 02/13/03 01:34 AM

Charles Gauci - reputation makers.
Best John
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