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Postby Guest » 05/17/03 07:52 AM

Does anyone know if any of these conferences have ever been recorded for posterity via videotape?

Also does anyone have an accurate record of how many of these were actually held?

I can recall the following feature effects being performed from reading the descriptions in various sources :

1) Dr. Hooker's Rising Card
2) Kellar's levitation
3) The Blue Room
4) Will The Witch and The Watch
5) Culpitt's (sp?)Vanishing Donkey (or is it appearing?, sorry not sure about this one).
6) Robert Houdin's Antonio Diavalo
7) The Mascot Moth
8) The Million Dollar Mystery

Does anyone know if there will be any future conferences and if so how one qualifies to attend?

Any information is appreciated.

Pete Mills

Postby James Foster » 05/17/03 02:18 PM


The Eight Los Angeles Conference on Magic History will be held in November of this year. For further information, I would suggest visiting Jim Steinmeyer\'s web site . Jim sells some past souvenir programs.

James Foster
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Postby Martin Kaplan » 05/17/03 04:43 PM

You also might want to get in touch with Mike Caveney.

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Postby Pete Biro » 05/20/03 11:52 AM

contact magicjoan@aol.com she is the behind the scenes genius of this fine event... I would kill for a video of the Hooker dem (I was out of town and missed that one)!!
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