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Postby Allen Tipton » 02/17/06 07:34 AM

I have about half a dozen Gen Grant books & M/s.
Could we possibly try to assemble a FULL Titles list of everything he wrote in book or manuscript form? A mammoth task but it could be done. Great for future researchers & collectors.
Allen Tipton
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Postby Philippe Billot » 02/17/06 09:38 AM

If you have the Potter's Index, there is a list of more 100 book or manuscript. Unfortunately, more than 60 are undated.
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Postby Bob Farmer » 02/17/06 01:44 PM

Don Tanner produced a very extensive list of U.F. Grant material but I don't know where one would find Mr. Tanner.
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Postby Todd Karr » 02/17/06 03:54 PM

I have a great love for U. F. Grant and his low-tech methods. Maybe a compilation one day!
Todd Karr
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Postby John Pezzullo » 02/17/06 10:29 PM



He was in fact a real pioneer, both in the invention and marketing of magic, I understand that he would invent two or three tricks a day, write up the instructions, and store them in cigar tins. When he died there was over a thousand tricks.

Is it even possible to create two or three 'good' tricks in a single day ??
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Postby Bob Farmer » 02/18/06 07:05 AM

I've been a big U.F. Grant fan since I was in grade school. His method for the Dancing Hanky (which I used as a kid) is brilliant. His manuscripts, "Victory Carton Illusions" and another one on levitations, supplied me with several tricks I used as a teenager.
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Postby Matthew Field » 02/18/06 09:10 AM

I agree with Todd Karr and Bob Farmer -- Grant was one of the great thinkers in magic. I, too, collect his books and material when I can find them. Unfortunately, many of these (including much of the Tanner publications) are mimeographed, stapled sheets of paper, not even what we would call a "book" these days.

There was a Grant issue of Genii which will be worth checking out when the back issue service is available online.

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Postby CHRIS » 02/18/06 01:07 PM

I offer three of Grant's publications in electronic form: Grant\'s ebooks , a fourth is in the making, and many others are lined up for conversion.

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Postby Kevin Connolly » 02/18/06 09:47 PM

This just poped-up

Clever Little Ideas Presented by Grant - 1947 - 11 pages - signed by Grant
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Postby Bill Palmer » 02/19/06 07:14 PM

U.F. Grant was one of the most inventive minds of the 20th century. His products all had a "look" about them. I think that when he was first producing things on his own, it was during the Depression, and later WW II, and he had a tendency to use whatever he could obtain at a low price.

Be that as it may, his stuff WORKED!

Look how many of his creations are still on the market. The perennial Temple Screen is just one example.
Bill Palmer, MIMC
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Postby magicam » 02/21/06 01:55 AM


Would you include his periodicals? If so, then check out the massive Alfredson/Daily magic periodical checklist, and Fernandes' also-massive follow-up volume. In addition, George Daily did a little checklist of Grant's periodicals as supplement 59a to The Magic Cauldron, but my guess is all of the entries from the supplement are listed in the later, aforementioned periodical checklists.

Somewhat surprisingly, Steve Forrester's bibliography does not tackle Grant's publications. But Steve's working on a revised edition, and maybe he'll include Grant's writings then.

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Postby Necromancer » 02/21/06 05:06 AM

Originally posted by Todd Karr:
I have a great love for U. F. Grant and his low-tech methods. Maybe a compilation one day!
I'm holding you to it, Todd!

Neil Tobin
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Postby magicam » 02/21/06 06:29 AM

Here's (I think) an unusual one found in my stash:

Grant, U. F. Magic Made Easy. 8 pp. mimeo, wraps. A manuscript for Grants sound film lecture presented at the British IBM Rings annual convention in Southport, September, 1955.

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Postby Allen Tipton » 03/09/06 11:29 AM

Magician: Yes I would include Grant's periodical articles; it's the onlky way to get a full picture of a great thinker/deviser's work.Also many little gems/ideas are often lost when periodical stuff is passes by. Look at the massive tome on Al Baker. Wow what a collection.
My own Grant works are very small in number.
Grant's Manual Of Magic.
Bodies In Orbit.
6 Modern Levitations.
Victory Carton Illusions.
Challenge Magic Act.
25, Rising Card Tricks.
There may be more on my book shelves
Others were given away to young magicians.

Magic Books By Post, Bristol, England,
still stock.
Chinese Magic & Illusions
15 Great Illusions.
50 Crazy Card Stunts.
Grant's Patter Folio.
Hat Loading Methods.
99 Tips & Gags.
175 Tips & Gags.
100 Tips & Gags.
Window Stoppers.
Clever Little Ideas Presented. (CLIPS)
Egg & Fan Tricks.
so at least some of his stuff is still around.
Magicians on your side might be able to tell me if there's any in Magic Inc's catalogue.
I'll check Tannens & Abbotts, though my copies of these date back about 9 years!
Does anyone over there know if he did devise Houdini Outstripped. It had the Grant name attached to it when I purchased it from Davenports around 1946? My parents at that time thought it too cheeky for a 13year old to present.
Allen Tipton.
Allen Tipton
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Postby Reinhard Mueller » 03/09/06 02:06 PM

And again Whaley's Who's Who in Magic can help us :
Grant, U[lysses] F[rederick Simpson] "Gen"
(USA: 12 Jan 1901-1 Mar 1978) Pro magic dealer since 1925, first in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (as "Grant's Magic Shop"), then in New York City (until 1939). Then for a short time (around & including 1940) with Abbott's staff in Colon, Michigan. Finally (by Dec 1942) again as independent dealer in Columbus, Ohio, where Norm Menge joined him as partner in 1944. 1975 AMA Creative Fellowship. His estate has continued his dealership as MAK Magic.
Prolific inventor and improver, sometimes under the pseudonym "Frank Zella", of many tricks, including A Message From the Deep (by 1928), Grant's Rope Trick (by 1930), Square Pig = Pig Turns Around (by 1931), Bullet-Proof Girl (by 1932), K.O. Card Trick (by 1932), Master Trick Deck (by 1932), Mystic Pearls of Persia (by 1932), The Farmer and the Witch (by 1935), Walking thru a Ribbon (by 1935), Invulnerable Lady = Dagger Chest Illusion (vanished head version, early 1930s), Dick Tracy Himself (by 1936), Phant-O-Dial (c1939), Alagen rope (with Winston Freer by 1939), Movies to Life (by 1939), Grant's Diminishing Cards (by 1940), Automat Deck (by 1940), The Zella Thought Projector (by 1940), Slow Motion Bill Switch (by 1940), Million Dollar Bill Mystery (by 1940), Little Silk House (by 1940), Comedy Rope Trick (by 1940), Ropes of Bengal (by 1940), Television Telephone (1940), Amputation (with R. Bordner in 1940), Grant's Cocktail Cup (1940), Super X Levitation (1942), Cow Trick (by 1944), Temple Screen (1944), Sacred Altar Light (by 1945), Zella Nite-Club Cylinders (by 1945), Little Gem Beer Keg (1945), Chink Cans (by 1947), Nite Club Table (by 1947), Kard-U-Reka (1947), Cards and Slate (by 1948), Devil's Newspaper (by 1948), Slate of Mind, Dial-X (1951, with Reynolds), Bottle Cap-N-Pennies (1953), Bengal Net (1953), Flat Model Money Maker (1954), Chen-Lee Water Suspension (1954), Crystal Silk Cylinder (1954), Una-Mind (1957), Candle-Lite (by 1958), Transparent Rice Bowls (1959), and Strat-o-Spheres (by 1962).
Wrote many booklets, including Twenty Five Tricks and Ideas (1931), Flap Slate Wrinkles (1931, with H. Adrian Smith), Tricks with Cellophane (1932), Rising, Floating, Dancing Silk (1933), El Ropo (1933), Rope Trick (1933), El Ropo (1933), Grant's Patter Folio (1934), Illusion Secrets (1934), Grant's Thirteen Mysteries [1934, 18pp], Flash Magic (1935, 8pp), Magician, Ghost and Girl (1935), Tricks with a One-Way Deck (1935, 21pp), The Blue Ribbon Combination (1935), 25 Rising Card Tricks (1935; repr 1970, 36pp), The Barrel and Broom Illusion (1936), Chinese Magic and Illusions (1936), Jumbo Card Tricks (1937), Ninety Nine Tips and Gags (1937), Counterfeit Card Miracles #1 (by 1940), Nite Club Illusions (1940, 32pp), Counterfeit Card Miracles #2 (1940), Paper Magic (1941, mineo), C.L.I.P.: Clever Little Ideas Presented by U.F. Grant (1947, 11pp), Tricks for Kid Shows (1951, 14pp), Grant's Three-Card Monte (1951, 5pp), Rope, Chain and Box Escapes (1954, 19pp), Gen Grant's Manual of Magic (1964), 25 Rising Card Tricks (1970, 36pp), Bodies in Orbit.
Tricks in Sphinx, Tarbell #5, New Phoenix, etc. See Don Tanner, Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic (1954, 21pp) & Robert J. Smith, Grant's Brilliant Card Magic (1955, 16pp). [Mag;St]

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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/09/06 03:17 PM

Originally posted by Todd Karr:
I have a great love for U. F. Grant and his low-tech methods. Maybe a compilation one day!

Don't take this the wrong way but a $ 150.00 compilation book of inepensively produced booklets that contain great material that I (as well as many others) was able to purchase as a kid because of the price...I would rather see them re-issued inexpensively produced and priced to continue this tradition:

"Bob Farmer
Member # 14 posted February 18, 2006 06:05 AM
I've been a big U.F. Grant fan since I was in grade school. His method for the Dancing Hanky (which I used as a kid) is brilliant. His manuscripts, "Victory Carton Illusions" and another one on levitations, supplied me with several tricks I used as a teenager. "
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Postby Richard Hatch » 03/09/06 03:40 PM

For what it's worth (not much!), we currently have the following U. F. Grant titles in our inventory, new copies unless otherwise noted:
Color Vision Methods $2
Magic Made Easy Lecture #1 (used) $3
Magic Made Easy #2 (used) $5
Modern Times Magazine Test $6
Spellbound: Spell From India $2.00
Tricks With Hares $2
Tricks With Hares (used) $1.50
Zenith Master Mental Act $3.00
Woofledusters by Frank Zella (see the Whaley reference) $4 new, $3 used
Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic by Don Tanner (used) $15
All can be found and ordered through our site
A search on "grant" and "Zella" will turn them up (plus a few things by others named Grant, such as Gene Grant=Phantini).
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Postby Allen Tipton » 03/09/06 05:05 PM

Thank you Reinhard and Richard for such lists.
I'd forgotten the Phantini books and the Grant/Zella connection.
And Tom. Yes I agree the inexpensive booklet tradition should be kept up; it's invaluable but with so much Grant stuff several compilations would be very very useful and time saving.
Keep the lists growing please.
Allen Tipton
Allen Tipton
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Postby Guest » 06/14/06 03:44 PM

For U.F. Grant fans:

Jimmy King, Sr. of Mak-Magic (and son-in-law of the late U.F. Gen Grant) - is currently working on a DVD project featuring the filmed lectures of U.F. Grant that were originally made to be distributed to various magic associations and clubs around the country. Also included, will be a 30 minute color (no sound) Demonstration of Magic: Gen Grant personally demonstrating 30 of his own commercially-available tricks of the time (and I guarantee that the majority of the effects shown will still fool magicians today!)

Mr. King expects this DVD set to be released sometime in the later part of 2006.

--Joseph Fox

Postby Guest » 10/08/06 04:06 PM

I'm always running behind the time, but for another 2 cents worth here's the list I'm currently working from. Some items are duplicated because they are from different publishers...
I've also taken off the leading A or The..

$1000 Challenge Mind Reading Act
100 Tips and Gags, Abbott
100 Tips and Gags, Nelamr
15 Great Illusions, Abbott
175 Tips and Gags
25 One Man Mind Reading Tricks (6 memo pages)
25 Rising Card Tricks
25 Tricks and Ideas
25 Tricks and Ideas #2
25 Tricks and Ideas with a Devils Napkin
50 Crazy Card Stunts
50 Methods of Producing a Silk
99 Tips and Gags
Assortment of Grant Instructions
Balloon Side Show
Blue Ribbon Combo
Bodies in Orbit
Center Tear Methods
Challenge Magic Act
Chinese Magic and Illusions (12 memo pages)
Clever Little Ideas Presented (C.L.I.P.S.)
Club Performers Spook Act
Color Vision Methods
Comedy Magic
Counterfeit Card Miracles, Grant's
Counterfeit Card Miracles No. 2, Grant's
Devils Scrapbook
Easy Do Card Miracles
Encyclopedia of U. F. Grant Magic, Part 1
Excello Second Sight Act
Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic
Fake Gambling Act
Flap Slate Wrinkles
Flash Magic
Fool Your Friends with Odds
Grant Presents Super Magical Secrets
Grant's Annual of Magic, Nelmar, sb
Grant's Brilliant Card Magic
Grant's Close-Up Floating Light Bulb
Grant's Illusion Secrets
Grant's Magic Course
Grant's Patter Folio, 1934, Nelmar, sb
Grant's Slow Motion Bill Switch
Grant's Thirteen Mysteries, 1934, Nelmar, sb
Grant's Vest Pocket Horoscope of Life (Force Book)
Grant's Volume One: 65 Tricks - Gags - Tips and Ideas with Money Cards Wands Cigarettes Watches Rings etc., etc.
Grant's Volume One: the Grant Magic Club Tricks
Great Illusions
Hat Loading Methods
Illusion Secrets, 24 Great Illusions Fully Explained
Lecture Magicians Guild 1952
Lighted Cigarette Routine, Grants
Magic Made Easy Manuscript For Grants Sound Film Lecture
Magic Made Easy No. 1
Magic Made Easy No. 2
Magical Secrets
Miracle Dove Act
Modern Levitations
Modern Times Magazine Test
More Tips and Gags (cover) Title Page: Ninety Nine Tips and Gags, a Second Collection of Tips & Gags, stunts etc.
Night Club Illusions
Ninety Nine Tips and Gags
Nite Club Act
Nite Club Illusions (33 memo pages)
Nu Way Doll House
Patter Folio, 1933
Patter Folio, 1968
Pick of the Crop
Pickpocket Stunts
Rope, Chain and Box Escapes
Routine on Grants Monte Move + Zella Master Move
Secrets of Malini, Leipsig, Vernon, Jarrow, Etc.
Shadow Conjuring Act
Shooting Through a Girl
Six Modern Levitations
Slash 32 Tricks and Illusions
Slate Flap Wrinkles
Snip, Snip Want Ad Test, Sensational a European Classic
So! Your a Magician
Spell From India
Theyre Off
Top Secret: Feature Multiple Prediction and How It Works
Tricks for Kid Shows
Tricks With a One Way Deck
Tricks with a Short Card
Tricks with Bottomless Glass
Tricks with Cellophane
Tricks With Hares
U.F. Grant and R.N. Menge Present Magic
Valuable Information for Magicians, 1949,1st, ms
Victory Carton Illusions
Walking Through a Steel Plate Illusion
Walking Thru a Ribbon (Illusion Plan)
Window Stoppers, spiral, s Jay Marshall
Witch Craft
Zella Copper and Silver
Zella Mind Reading Act
Zenith Master Mental Act

I'm always interested in other Grant publications that are not currently on my list.

Postby Guest » 10/09/06 01:34 AM

And there's DOUBLE MAGIC WITH CARDS, a manuscript written by Burling Hull, currently on ebay
http://cgi.ebay.com/UF-Grant-DOUBLE-MAG ... dZViewItem

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