"Magic with Small Apparatus"

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Postby Guest » 12/20/05 11:41 PM

In the introduction of my copy of the Fleming-published "Magic with Small Apparatus" by Jules Dhotel, it seems to imply that the book is only the first volume of as many as eight others -- that Dhotel's original work in French is so large it will take that many books to cover it all.

Is there only the one volume in English, or did others get published as well?

Postby Guest » 12/21/05 12:26 AM

Bill, the original French edition comprises 8 volumes, each roughly 300 pages, arranged alphabetically by subject. Unfortunately, what is alphabetical in French does not remain so in English translation, so Fleming's translation of volume 1, which in French covers "Allumettes, Animaux, Baguettes, Bougies," and "Boules" covers, "Matches, Animals, Wands, Candles" and "Balls" in translation. The dustjacket of the Fleming edition announces that the English edition will comprise 7 volumes plus an index (the 8th volume of the French edition is the index and errata) totalling 3500 pages detailing 1850 effects. Alas, only volume 1 was published, presumably because sales did not encourage publication of subsequent volumes. Whether Fleming actually completed the translation of the other volumes is something I would be interested in learning. I suspect not, since had he done so, it would have made sense (perhaps) to rearrange the material in English alphabetical order prior to publishing the first volume for easier reference. Does anyone know the status of Fleming's translation of the other volumes?

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