The Penny Paddle

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Gary Brown
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The Penny Paddle

Postby Gary Brown » September 6th, 2002, 9:36 pm

Inspired by the interesting hot rod thread, I have a question . . .

Is anyone familiar with something called "The Penny Paddle", an effect featuring a red plastic and felt paddle with a miniature penny on one side, that continues to grow each time the paddle is turned over? I saw it at age 9 at Tannens, and it made quite the impression, and its modus operandi continues to baffle me. While I realize it is a paddle effect, I'm not sure how the switches were made, as the penny grew several times. While I would have loved to buy one, I had to settle for my first good magic kit, but have always wondered about that paddle trick. I've located a listing for it in an old Tannens catalog, but cannot find one anywhere. Any recollections would be appreciated.
Gary Brown


Re: The Penny Paddle

Postby Guest » September 7th, 2002, 3:08 pm


Have you tried Jerry Mentzer...last I heard, he was selling them.


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