Houdini's where abouts?

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Postby Guest » 05/03/07 04:58 AM

Is there a comprehensive list of Houdini active touring days? I thought I saw one somewhere. Kevin, can you help me in researching where he was in our area, and when? I picked up a bunch of old weekly local papers going back to the 1900's, and before I trow them away I want to stiff through to see if Houdini was around, and recieved local press.

Postby Leonard Hevia » 05/03/07 06:47 AM

Hi Max-- The Houdini Illustrated Diary can help you with this. I don't have the author's name right now but I have all six books (It's a set of six paperbacks 8 and a half by 11). You might still be able to find it from H&R books in Humble, Texas.

The pages are layed out in charts in chronological order. You can flip through--say--November 1915 to find out where Houdini was at this time. As you might imagine-there are a number of blank pages.

The author has invited anyone to help fill them in. I personally discovered one or two more entries to add, but haven't informed the author yet.
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Postby Kevin Connolly » 05/03/07 07:06 AM

Max - Leonard,

The author's name is Framk Koval. I think I heard that Mr. Koval handed the baton over to someone else on this project. There may even be a new book published with new information.

Also, there's a site online that covers Houdini in the NY Times. This may fill in some gaps. The link is below.

Houdini In The NY Times <----

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Postby Leonard Hevia » 05/03/07 09:14 AM

Thanks Kevin. Im at work and didn't have Koval's name handy. I look forward to the book. :)
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